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Looking for software love in all the wrong places? Look no further.

Racqit is the “dating service” for finding business technology solutions.

Fill out project template and post to group.

The template describes project needs and objectives to give vendors enough of an idea to submit a review. No identifying contact information is shared just yet to protect you from unwanted solicitors. Group chats are also used to help identify the dimensions of a project and further clarify.

Read relevant reviews and accept or decline invitations from vendors.

Vendors submit reviews for projects that are relevant to their suite of products or services. These reviews create a pending conversation that you can either accept or decline. If you accept, it’s a match!

If you accept, it’s a match!

From there, you’re able to continue to the conversation on or off our platform.

Racqit is like a dating service, except for business technology solutions.

Much like today’s dating apps, Racqit is built around starting better conversations. Except we’re starting conversations around the right technology solutions for your business with the people who can get you up and running with them right away. This let’s us give you the broadest perspective of the market while still providing a free service. Have questions about how we work? Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you right away!

Account Features:

  • Custom
  • Direct
  • Free


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