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Allow Your Company to Take Advantage of Extraordinary New Technology Solutions

About Racqit

Founded by CEO, Ben Zurkow. Ben created Racqit to help companies find the right technology solutions without the hassle. Headquartered in New York City, we are ready to assist your organization in finding the most effective technology solution.

We at Racqit are a front-door vendor management platform that can help every company make better technology decisions. Companies easily select relevant technology vendors for their specific solution needs, and with Racqit’s “people-centric” business model, our entire process is built around helping employees make better technology decisions.

Focusing on both sides, Procurement and Sales. Our Procurement side allows businesses to find the right technology solution for them. Our Sales side allows your team to skip the cold calls. We connect you with businesses that want to talk to you.

Racqit works because it’s not all about boosting sales – it’s about shortcutting the process of finding the right business solutions.

People-Centric, Solution-Oriented, and Quality-Focused. Learn more about Racqit’s process, here.



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